McNulty Group Inc. is an

Avid Sponsor of The Mustard Seed

"The Mission of the Mustard Seed Furniture and Clothing Bank is to provide household goods, furniture, clothing, toys and books to those who have suffered from natural or personal disaster and who demonstrate the desire to rebuild their lives and become self-sufficient. The Mustard Seed helps an average of over 100 traumatized families a month regain their dignity and independence"


Chuck McNulty has been involved with the organization since 1990. Through his efforts, he has been able to both raise money for the foundation as well as help the organization in acquiring its property.

Chuck also serves on the Board of Directors in The Mustard Seed of Central Indiana. Our Mission of The Mustard Seed of Central Indiana Furniture Bank is to help rebuild the lives of families and individuals who have suffered disaster or personal tragedy by providing household furnishings.


We believe in this worthy cause and urge others to give back to their communities. If you would like more information on how you can help this organization and become involved, please visit our website.